Planet Feature Update 8 - Article Settings · Avatar Picker · Quick Sharing · Pinnable · To-Do List Syntax · Embed YouTube

Aug 4, 2023 at 4:33:27 PM

Article Settings and New List View

A new Article Settings context menu has been added. Now, you have the ability to change a blog post into a page. This feature is particularly useful for creating site-level content such as "About Us", "Contact Us", or any other similar pages.

With these new settings, you can design your site navigation similarly to planetable.eth. This can be done by designating certain articles to be featured as items in the site navigation bar.

By clicking on the list filter, you can filter articles by type, making it easier to find specific pages.


The view of an article item has also been redesigned to reflect its type and attachments.

Article Item View

Planet Avatar Picker

We have designed this new avatar picker to curate various beautiful picture collections that can be used as your Planet avatar.

The first collection, Nostalgia, consists of 99 abstract, simple pictures designed by yihanphotos.eth.

Quick Sharing

You can now drag and drop pictures onto the app icon for quick content sharing.


Pinnable is a new service for pinning ENS/IPNS websites.

Pinned with Pinnable

When you create and publish decentralized websites using the Planet app, your Mac serves as a node on the IPFS peer-to-peer network, hosting your sites. By utilizing pinning, additional copies of your websites are distributed across the entire network, resulting in quicker loading times and increased accessibility. This eliminates the need to keep your laptop on as a server for laptop users. Each time you publish new content, Pinnable initiates syncing with your node, ensuring that you don't have to keep your Mac on continuously as a server.

You will always maintain control over the authoritative version of your content.

To-Do Syntax

Planet's Markdown writer now supports To-Do list syntax, and you can switch items on or off from the local article view.

Embed YouTube

If you include a YouTube link in the content, it will now automatically convert into a player.

Other Improvements

  • Drag to reorder my planets or the following planets.
  • A progress bar shows during the rebuilding of a planet.
Progress when rebuilding a Planet
  • Fixed issues with moving articles.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the app had been up and running for an extended period.
  • A template can now have its own settings dictionary, opening possibilities for more template-level customizations.
  • Improved scrolling performance in the Markdown Writer.
  • Markdown Writer date picker can select 'Today'.