Planet Feature Update 4 - Publish Local Folders as IPNS · Filebase Pinning · Custom Code · RSS and Podcast Improvements

Oct 27, 2022 at 5:42:47 PM

Welcome to Planet Feature Update 4, released on Oct 12. This release brought four new features and other fixes and improvements.

Here are all the changes between 0.9.2 and 0.10.0:

Publish Local Folders as IPNS

You can turn any local folder into IPNS now. This new feature can be found from the menu: Tools -> Published Folders


That makes it easier to use Planet to publish static sites built with a generator like Jekyll, Hugo, or Zola.

For example, here is a static site built with Jekyll:

You can follow that IPNS with Planet too.

Filebase Pinning

Filebase: Pinned

Filebase provides 5GB storage space and a good pinning API for free.

With a remote pinning service, you need to wait a little bit for the pinning service to fetch the content after each content update. As the sync is done, you can close the laptop lid, and your visitors will experience a faster and more stable load speed.

Custom Code

When you need to insert HTML code into the static site built with Planet, for example, analytics and comment systems, now it is easier to do that with the new Custom Code settings.

Right-click on My Planet and select Custom Code to insert.

Planet: Custom Code

You can insert custom code to three common locations:

  • Between <head></head>
  • After <body>
  • Before </body>
Planet: Custom Code

RSS and Podcast

Planet will now also generate an rss.xml when building the site. For example, the RSS 2.0 address of this site is:

If you have published audio content before, now Planet will also generate a podcast.xml compliant with Apple's Podcast XML standards. For example:

Right-click My Planet to find the new Podcast settings. You can configure artwork, language, explicit content indication, and categories.

Podcast Settings

There will be more to be done for better Podcast support, and we will keep improving this feature.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an unnecessary CID change during site rebuild
  • Add security rules to block access to the localhost IPFS API port from the internal WebView
  • Prefer JSON Feed if multiple feed formats are found on a content source
  • Add Insider Build channel on GitHub for more testing before stable releases
  • Update the built-in IPFS version to 0.15. We also tested 0.16 and found it seems to have a new resource consumption issue. So we shipped 0.15 instead of 0.16 in Planet 0.10.
  • Use SecureField for all API tokens on the UI, preventing sensitive info from being leaked in screenshots or screen sharing.
  • 🌟 Added support to subscribe to IPNS published by Matters Labs

Those are the new features and improvements in the 0.10 update. If you encounter any issues, please send your feedback to the developers or seek community support from these channels.

If you have encountered a bug, please share with us how to reproduce it via GitHub Issues, and we will investigate and fix it as soon as possible.