Planet Feature Update 11 - Search · Faster Gateway for IPNS · Pin Articles · Export/Import Articles

Apr 4, 2024 at 4:30:30 AM

This update brings several new features: Search, Faster Gateway for IPNS, Pin articles, and Export/Import for Articles.


Press CMD+F to open Search. You can search both your own articles and those from the planets you are following.


Faster Gateway for IPNS

In previous versions, we used or to access IPNS. Now, we have a new, faster option powered by the excellent and NameSys. Both are community projects.

For example, IPNS for this site is k51qzi5uqu5dgv8kzl1anc0m74n6t9ffdjnypdh846ct5wgpljc7rulynxa74a and you can open it with the following address:


Usually, it's much faster than:

The new gateway can also be used with CIDv1 like this:

CIDv1 +

When you use Open in Public Gateway feature of Planet, it will open with now.

Pin Articles

Articles can now be pinned to appear at the top of the list. This new feature is available when you right-click on an article.

Pin Article

Export/Import for Articles

You can export an article as a data package and import it to Planet on another Mac, or simply airdrop it if they are on the same LAN.

Export Article

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvement: Full rebuild is now faster by utilizing all CPU cores
  • Improvement: Better implementation for monitoring changes in published folders
  • New: Prewarm article on public gateway for caching and faster loading
  • New: Edit button on the toolbar
  • Fixed: Scroll position of newly created articles