Planet Feature Update 1 - Video · Data Layer Rewrite · ENS Support

Jul 14, 2022 at 9:07:46 PM

This is the first feature update since we released the app in June 2022.

Video Support

Now you can attach a video to your post. Each post can have at most one video, then the post title and content serve as the title and description of the video. Currently, the app will not recompress the video, so please be mindful of the bitrate of the video you choose to share, as a higher bitrate would need more time to download.

This post has one video! And if you view it with an HDR-capable screen like the ones in the new 14 and 16-inch MBP, you will notice it is an HDR video.

A New Data Layer

We rewrote the components of how the app handles data. It solved some issues that occurred with the initial version, and it also made a lot of views faster. Previously, you will probably notice some slowness when switching to the Unread view. Now that slowness is gone.

From this version, the app starts to send notifications for the new content from the planets you followed.

Improved ENS Support

Now the app can load any ENS that has a working content hash. In the initial version, it only supported ENS with a feed.

If the ENS you follow has an NFT avatar, it will show in the app sidebar!

A faster gateway is used when you try to open ENS links with an external browser without ENS support, like vanilla Safari or Chrome! Here is a comparison. Which one is faster for you?

Planet is a native macOS app for building, publishing, and following websites and blogs on IPFS + ENS. With those decentralized Internet technologies, you have total control of your content, and your fans follow you directly.