Get Started

Jun 1, 2022 at 1:11:00 AM

Have you ever wondered whether setting up a website with an ENS is possible? The answer is yes, and you can set your website to the Content Hash field like setting an A or CNAME for a traditional domain name.

The standard is EIP-1577, and this Content Hash field can accept a few possible values. For example, IPFS -- another decentralized content distribution technology. And vitalik.eth website is already running on IPFS.


After you created a website with Planet, right-click on the item in the sidebar, and choose "Copy IPNS," then you will get something that looks like this in pasteboard:


Then you can put that IPNS into your ENS ContentHash like this:


Make sure ipns:// is added before that string.

Then your website is linked to your ENS. Congrats! Now you have a decentralized website running on ENS + IPFS!